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Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Deta..

Every while, the subject of the Database Information, that the Security Forces needed to track down those terrorizing the Lebanese People by planting explosives in many parts of the Country, and lately the Blowing up of Mr Medhat, the Palestinian official in Lebanon, this subject comes up to the surface, and government, and the Minster of Telecommunications in specific, not answering those questions raised, about delaying to deliver this Data to the Security Forces.

This Minister of Telecommunication, Mr Basil, was blamed before about this negligence, and People put him responsible for many incidents, because of corrupting the course of Security Forces tasks by concealing and delaying this Data, and for the latest assassination of Mr Medhat at one of the Palestinian camps in South Lebanon, where there is a substantial presence of the Lebanese army , are looking for the most wanted criminal and Terrorist Awad, who is hiding in these camps.

This Minister in acting in same way, that Hezbollah Ministers did, when they were members in the Cabinet, in 2006, they caused the war, and started it even without warning, and kept their own Government in the dark. Their plans were to forfeit that Government headed by Mr Sanioura, and now, this Minster is corrupting in this Government, to prove to the people that it is not qualified to run the Country, while he is compromising and serve the oppositions, (Hezbollah in specific), and keep the Country open to the crimes.

The Government was always soft with such Ministers, while they should be sacked from the Cabinet, as it happens in the respectful countries. if the Prime Minister and the Cabinet do not kick them out, they will carry on playing their dirty games, and put the National Security of the Country on the Edge, and in danger.

Such Ministers, will kill the People, and walk into their funerals, and this is something they learnt from their Masters, the Devil's Regime in Syria.

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