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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Jibran Twaini was Hero on the Front Line...

Jibran Twaini the one who represented the Youth Generation in Lebanon, was one of the ruthless fighters for Lebanon, in the Press, and in Political media. 
The murderers assassinated him while he was on the Front Line, with the Genuine National Lebanese Leaders, who were putting their lives in the Balance without fear of the Devil's regime of Syria. While those behind the killing were doing their best to make a complete change of the Democratic Face of Lebanon, by destroying, the economy, the judicial system,and terrorizing the people by car bombs, kidnapping, and snatching the Lebanese foreign policy, to keep Lebanon as prisoner to use in their destructive policy towards the world.
When Jibran twaini fell off his Horse, while he was fighting for Independent and Free Lebanon, Aoun was chasing the Syrian, and Israeli intelligents to make deals in Paris, and it could be negotiations between the Syrian and Israeli under the table. 
Aoun called the relationship between Twaini and him as seasonally, but was not like that to Jibran, because he was defending Aoun as one of the persons who were fighting the aggressions as well. 
Jibran is gone and he would not know what was real Aoun. He would not know that, he was and is a liar, and traitor, who sells anything to achieve his selfish and greed goals, and certainly will never.
As the peak of the elections battle is in the Christians Area, no one with an atom of brains of the Christians will give that traitor a vote, to him or his group, to enter the House of the Honest people who they really work in the Lebanese Interests.
Aoun was out of Lebanon, by a kick on his butt, by the Syrian Regime, but it seems that he enjoyed that kick, and that is why he is still clamped to those BOOTS. 

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