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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Yes Israel the Enemy but... Number Two...

If we measure the incidents of massacres against the nations according to Crimes against Humanity, and Human Rights, we find the following:

Most of the Regimes in the Arab Countries are corruption to Human Rights, and those regimes suppress their peoples, denying them The Free Word, by controlling the Press, Judiciary system and Media, and if any thing said not in the Interest of the Regime, even if the regime is wrong, Journalists will be Jailed or an incident arranged to get them killed. They keep their Educated professionals under the Regime supervision, and Tailor their education according to the Regime Officers levels. The Regime rules the country by terrorizing and live in fear, and spend billions to their Spys Eyes, to keep them updated of those behave or saying things against the Regime, and always the accusation is ready, that those are corrupting the National Security of the country and contacts with the enemy, and throw them in jails without trials for years. Such regimes are killing the whole nation, which is their own peoples. How many times the army of those Dictators crushed by tanks and machines guns and even by jet fighters, the whole cities of their own country.This kind regime is the ENEMY number ONE.

The Palestinians were deported by Israel, from their lands in 1948, and spread into Arab Countries by millions. That was a crime against Humanity and Leaders of Israel should be tried by International Crime Courts.

Those Palestinians settled in the Arab Countries, in Refugees Camps. How they had been treated, how many MASSACRES took place in those Camps. How many times those Palestinians were slaughtered, on the Lands of their HOST, in many Arab Countries. The casualties of those Massacres were one thousands times what Israel did to the Palestinian in Palestine. Those Regimes who crushed the Palestinian Camps are the Enemies number ONE to them and Arab Nations.

How many times, the Palestinians them selves fought and killed each others, and thousands of casualties as a result. Was not Hamas Leadership brought the Massacres of the Gazans in the latest war with Israel, by throwing their own people in the fire of HELL, those are the ENEMY number ONE of the Gazans.

Certainly, we always blame Israel, to conceal the Crimes of those regimes, who should be brought to Justice first, and sooner not later.

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