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Friday, 6 March 2009

Time to Hunt them Down...

The Warrant of Arrest issued by The International Criminal Courts, against The President of Sudan, AlBashir, was not the first time. The Criminal Court arrested some presidents and high rank officials in Europe. Some of them preferred to take their own lives by themselves, like president of Serbia and others serving life sentences in prisons, and some others on the run, but by the end of the day, they will be brought to face their FATE.

Dictator's Regimes were always associated with brutal killing of their own peoples, and the examples are so many, in South America, in Far East, in Asia and in the Middle East.

Last century, witnessed the Trials of the hundreds of Nazis, in so many countries of the world, and not only in America who supported the hunt of those who practiced the massacres against the Jews in Europe, but in every civilized country.

In the Middle East, it started with the Dictator Saddam Hussein, when his Regime collapsed. But it did not need to be brought to Justice by the International Criminal Court, he was sentenced to death by his own country's Justice, and others with him, who killed their own peoples.

Some other Regimes, and Dictators are still there, though they practiced the killing on their own peoples far more worse than Saddam Hussein's Regime did, but because for certain circumstances they are far from bringing them to Justice, but, time does not erase the crimes that Regime had done, eventually, one day, when it is appropriate, they will face the MUSIC, that Saddam did.

Back to the Warrant of Arrest of AlBashir, who he dismissed as Rubbish, for first reaction, will be forced in many ways to be brought to Justice and defend himself there in the International Criminal Courts. He will face a lot of difficulties in his own country, and the Regime will collapse, and that's obvious.

Recently, another International Investigation Courts has been launched, by the beginning of March 09, but this one is Specified for Lebanon, to hunt down the murderers of the Prime Minster at that time and his Buddy Guards, and the other National Leaders who had been assassinated and thousands of innocent peoples killed, by the car bombs that were planted in Beirut and other areas by the Devils Regime of Syria and its gangsters. The Regime that had a brutal massive History in taking the lives of its own peoples.

There is no turning point, those who caused the massacres in our world has to pay for their crimes, sooner or later.

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