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Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Constitution...

It is obvious that, any one of Lebanese people over twenty one years old, and has a University Degree, and no criminal record can be a candidate to the General Elections in Lebanon.

Lately, it came up, that Mr Sinuora the Prime Minister of Lebanon Cannot run, the General Election in His Own City Sadoun, what a lousy declaration, and that under the claim of the Balance of Power in the City.

If we have a look of every one of those leader of the city, and his or her history within the last fifteen years what we got here.

It is known, that there was a real Leader of the City Mr Maarouf Saad, who was known of his National and Genuine loyalty to Lebanon, and to his basic Religion Sunni. He was assassinated by those who do not like the Real Men of Lebanon, I do not need the details here because every body knows who he was Maarouf Saad.

But within the Last thirty Years things changed in Sadoun. There was the Devil's Regime of Syria who raided over the Country, and they breaded the Leaders they wanted, to be Loyal to them, and there was Osma Saad.

They are saying that Sadoun is the Gate to the South of Lebanon.

If Sanioura is nominated to be a Member of the Lebanese Parliament, these people there should be proud of that, Sanioura has a History of A Man that served Lebanon, in the Darkest Moments of its History, he is a Well Democratic Man who served people with no discrimination in his act,  he was for all the People of Lebanon, and by the end of the day the City is his Childhood City.

 We cannot compare Osama Saad to Fouad Siniours, that guy was just a Dommy in the Devil's Syrian Regime, while Sinioura is a Rebel.

Saad Saying that he supports the Resistance, what Resistance, the Resistance that brought disaster to Lebanon, if his Father is  Alive, he would say different things.
Sanioura is the Right Man in the Right Place for a Member in our Lebanese Parliament.

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