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Friday, 10 April 2009


Being the Son of Sida, he has done the right decision by competing in the General Election on 7 June 2009, he is in the right place and at the right time. Those who were surprised for his move, and trying to make it as a war, and described him as a trouble maker by the orders of American Diplomats, are the trouble makers themselves for thirty years, terrorizing the Lebanese Peoples, on the orders of their Masters of the Syrian regime, who were damaging the country, financially, by looting the Lebanese resources, of Agriculture, Industries, and Banks, that the Deficit of the Lebanese Budget piled up to $35 billions. 

Those accusing Sinuora of foreign loyalty, are loyal to the foreign Regimes of Syria and Iran over three decades, and those are the last people of the world who can accuse any honest Lebanese of working to the outsiders.

They created a war situation with Siuora, while the Prime Minister is taking it as, a duty to serve the City that he belongs to, and as a Democratic Process taking place.

But, those barking around, they know that there is no chance for them to be Members of Lebanese Parliament, in a time that the Lebanese are taking their own decisions now, and there is no pressure to divert their minds, as used to be, when the Syrian Regime used to appoint those as members of Parliament, and made them recognized persons, and they believed it.

It is time to make a clean up, in the Lebanese Society, those who work against the Interest of Lebanon, have no place on its Soil, any one could belong to any where to choose, but, being a Lebanese, it should be worked in the Interest of Lebanon, and LEBANON ONLY. 

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