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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hezbollah is Beating in the Bush...

Fromthe reports that have been circulating around, in different parts of the Arab Countries, and about the involvement of Hezbollah in these reports by causing some kind of Resistance in these countries, and it happened that all of them are Moderate Arab countries, do not want to go to wars anymore and found out that, Diplomatic Solutions in the Mideast, will work and give better results than destruction of the countries engaged in those wars, as it happened in Lebanon July 2006, and in Gaza 2008. In all those reports came to conclusion that Hezbollah is extending its planned activities to the other Arab Countries to check their Regimes. So far Hezbollah failed to harm them, on the contrary, those Countries that one day believed in its Agenda of fighting the Enemies, have a condensed doubt of it, for the coming reasons.

In all these reports, none of them has any connection, that of fighting the Enemy (The Enemy is trade mark Israel). the main Head Lines of these Activities are in the Interest of Iranian Agenda, that extending its power to the neighbours, and it happened that the Neighbours are Arab Countries.

Hezbollah is choosing, the regimes that, have International agreements, that they cannot break, without causing damages to their Relationships to the International Countries, who they mostly depend on their economic benefits.

If it is not the MONEY that comes from Iran, Hezbollah certainly cannot, finance its activities, at this large numbers of Countries, that exposed its Agenda.

For sixty years, the Arabs are in war against one and the only one Enemy, Israel. Every Resistance created in the Arab countries, had to fight the Arab Regimes first, then, Israel, and every one of them failed to attract the Arab People behind it for long time, because their Agendas were power and not really Israel. Every one of those Resistances, was an Arab Regime behind it, and that is why they failed.

With Hezbollah, is a little bit different, because it is Iran behind it, and Iran is not an Arab Country. Every Lebanese was supporting Hezbollah until year 2000, after that Hezbollah depended on Iran, and the presence of the Syrian Regime troops in Lebanon helped also, that Hezbollah disregarded the Lebanese People Support and tried to take over the Lebanese Authorities, and execute the terms and conditions of the financial support from Iran, by its full Loyalty, to the Syrians as well.

If Hezbollah Leaders know that they can be a Political Party as other Lebanese Parties, Hezbollah should have done that long time ago. But being a political Party cannot serve the Iranian Agenda, that is why Hezbollah will never be in the Political System in Lebanon, if it does, that will raise a question of its creation.
Like other Resistances failed, Hezbollah will have the same ending, and that when the People of Iran will ask their Governments, about the waste of billions on a faction out side their country.

The troubles took place, by Hezbollah when Nusrallah admitted the involvement in Egypt and other Arab Countries, it might not effect Hezbollah voters in Lebanese Elections this round, but certainly, the Shia who oppose Hezbollah will grow faster.

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