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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Is It Junblatt to bring out Hezbollah..

The Hassle that 8 March Forces building on the a Private Conversation of Mr Junblatt, about his allies in 14 March Forces, is a matter of Election Propaganda. Junblatt had started this strategy, of communications with almost all Parties on the Lebanese Soil, to keep a comfortable and calm environment for the coming 7 June Elections, and give the Lebanese People without exception the opportunity to explain their views and choose the Lebanon they wanted.

Mr Junblatt apparently, learnt most, of the Disastrous Incidents that could take the Lebanese, to the Abyss. But Hezbollah, always play the game as it is the Centrefold, of Lebanese National Interests, and all other Parties have changed and would approach Hezbollah for reconciliation.

The fact is that Hezbollah is the Trouble Maker in the Lebanese Politics, because it cannot be a Political Party and will never, because it was created to be a Military Faction that belongs to Fundamental Regime in Tahran, and supported temporary by the Regime Syria.

To put Lebanon on the right track, and maintain the Highest Lebanese Interests, there should be a solution for the problems that, caused by Hezbollah and its Allies in the Last three years, by closing down the City centre of Beirut, and closing down the Parliament's Doors to prevent the Majority to play its Normal Role in serving the People of Lebanon without exceptions, and the Latest attacks in Beirut Streets, and at the Lebanese Mountains, all these Incidents caused by Hezbollah brought the situation to the Edge of the Abyss.

It seems that Junblatt is reading the Future, and it might be, to rebuild the Country on Trust among the different troubled Parties, and looking for a continuous Dialogues, to keep guns away of it.

For the last few months, and Junblatt tried to put the Lebanese people in this Environment of Peaceful approach, hoping that it works with all sides and Hezbollah in Specific. He made it easy for his Allies and Political Enemies for their Candidates to the General Elections, to pave the way for a Balanced Results of the Authority after 7 June, to make sure that Guns Conversations are not necessary anymore, among the Lebanese Parties, and put Hezbollah to choose, being in the Authorities without Guns, or outside the Authorities and to the Blank Future of the Country.

If Hezbollah chooses the Authority without Guns then, Junblatt is taking Hezbollah out of the messy situation. From the Sweet declarations of Junblatt and the responds of Hezbollah Leaders, we understand that, there is a dim light at the end of the Tunnel, for Permanent Solution to the Troubled Lebanon.

What Junblatt said in the Last few days should be an encouragement to the Lebanese to choose in the Elections, the Independent and Free Lebanon, and put Hezbollah in a difficult situation, not to choose the Second Choice THE GUNS.

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