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Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Loud Speakers..

Those considering that Hezbollah has two faces Faction, are really wrong, Hezbollah is a Military faction in total, and the Members of Parliament Group are the the Loud Speakers of this Stalin Style Military Faction, who could be silenced any second. 

An example of this description, was recently, the Lightening speech that Hezbollah representative in the Lebanese Parliament Mr Raad (Thunder), fired in the South of Lebanon which is the Strong Hold of Hezbollah. 

In his Thunder Speech, declared the God Victory in Three Wars. First, in July 2006, which caused the fall of Almert, Israeli Prime Minister. Second, in 2008, the war on Gaza, and caused the fall of Almert again as well, and gone. 
Third, the war on the Lebanese Majority, for the last three years, where 
Hezbollah and its Allies, destroyed the economy of the country and the streets of Beirut, and the American policy, and that caused the Fall of Mr bush, he is gone by now, the President of USA, and Mr Sanioura the Lebanese Prime Minister, will be gone as well.

As a result of the success of those God Victories, Mr Raad,  (Another Genarale of 8 March), the Loud Speaker of Hezbollah, planning to finish all those blocking his way, and his present Allies ( Taking Genarale Aoun place), as well,  to grab the Government of Lebanon in the coming 7 June Election, and declare, Lebanese State dominated by Islamic rules and adopted by Iran.

Certainly, there are, strong Opposition in the Shia People who fight against this Agenda of Hezbollah, and they will not accept, the way Hezbollah is dealing with other Lebanese Parties of this upper hand, but at this stage, Hezbollah is strong enough to silent this opposition, at least in its Shia Areas.

The Lebanese People know that, the Citizen Relationship among Lebanese was quite very good, in certain areas like the South Suburb of Beirut and its surroundings until Hezbollah came to existence, and started to create the Barriers on the track of this Relationship, by removing the original owners of this area, and building illegal properties on other citizen's lands, and causing forced artificial borders to this area, even the Authorities are not allowed to enter it, and it is a Haven for the Outlaws, that are want by the Authorities for criminal activities.

The Lebanese People should know as well that, if the so called 8 March Forces won the Election, the State of Lebanon would be a Copy of the Smaller State of Hezbollah in the South Suburb of Beirut. 

The Lebanese People should go to the Poll with enthusiast to get benefit of every VOTE for the Sake of Independent, Democratic and Free Lebanon.

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