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Friday, 1 May 2009


It is the right order that the International Court in Lahi, took to release the Four Lebanese Officers. There is no law in the Democratic Countries to detain any one, that long without charging that person. In every Country of those, any one is innocent until the Authorities proves the contrary.

The Families of those released have the right to celebrate, and have joy in their hearts, for their united loved ones.

On the other hand, those had been released, practically are still under investigations, and it is not the end of the case. The same Judge who ordered their release could issue another order to arrest them, if some thing came up, and is related to their actions at the time of the assassination of Mr Al Hariri. It is a good manner to keep these celebrations and reactions in a certain limit, and not to take it to an extent that, make the Families of the Victims, disgusted.

We will celebrate too, to the Victory of Justice, that does not look to the political side, and only the TRUTH behind this Crime in the History of Lebanon, and bring the Criminals to Justice and punished, and hopefully there are no Lebanese criminals behind this Murder.

Certainly, it is a fat material for Hezbollah and the Outlaws to invest in the General Elections on 7 June, as they take advantage of this, to boost their election campaign.

This Incident should not blind the Lebanese People, and they should not forget the suffering of the Domain of the Syrian regime and its Allies in Lebanon. We should not allow them to take over the Country and send us to Past HELL, again.

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