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Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Wolf is Showing its Sharp Teeth ..

In Douha Meeting, all the Lebanese Parties agreed not to use 7 May 2008 incidents, in any way for the benefit of the General Elections, and put that Dark and Nasty actions by Hezbollah and its Alliances, behind their backs, to allow the General Elections in Lebanon on 7 June, passes peacefully.
But on the contrary, Ayatullah Nusrallah, insisted to bring back that Nasty Memory into sight, to move to another Phase of his plans, for the future of the Country. 
Ayatullah called that day as Victorious, while it is a day of bloodshed by killing Muslim his Brother Muslims Internally, and nothing to do with our Enemy. Hezbollah used its Forces, against the Peaceful Residents of Beirut, as if it is making a Mission in Tel Aviv.
Nusrallah should be ashamed of himself of declaring that Day as Victorious, and should have done his best, that those were hurt in that day, to forgive him, actually he should have apologized to them.
Nusrallah, went to this extent, because, he took advantage of the refrain of the attacked Parties to take action and retaliate against him, thinking they were weak and cannot stand in the way of Hezbollah Forces with the Forty Thousand Rockets he has. Also the National Lebanese Leaders who called for CALMNESS at that time.
Well, after this Speech of Ayatullah, claiming, that Day as Victorious, we want to know what is the Views of Mr Berri, Hezbollah's Alliances and its Defendant, and has Junblatt convinced that, the Agenda of Hezbollah is beyond, all the Scenario, that is showing in Lebanon, is he calling for Calmness, if another Victorious Day of Hezbollah took place, before or after the 7 th of June 2009.
Even in the Chouf District, where Junblatt's Stronghold, the Hezbollah Alliance, the Outlaws Group, are threatening of another Victorious Day, if they did not win the General Elections. 
Though, this Supporter of Hezbollah, applied to the saying: A Hound Barking on your side, is better than a Hound Barking against you. (Kelb Yinbah Maak, Ahsen Min Kalb Yinbah AAleik).

The Lebanese People, and Christians in specific, should not allow Aoun The Clown, to represent them in the Parliament. Aoun is saying that, the Majority Today, is trying to steel a few seats from his coming Majority, as he believes, while he stole the Whole Lebanese Christians to make a cover for Hezbollah, to put in force its Syrian- Iranian Agenda. 

Ayatullah says, he can rule a country one hundred times bigger than Lebanon, well, may be he has the chance in Syria, or Iran, but certainly NOT IN LEBANON.  

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