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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Hezbollah and the Spying Cells within..

For the last four years, we were deafened with the accusations by Hezbollah and its Loud Speakers against the Majority in the Lebanese Parliament, that they were conspired with the Enemy Israel ( As usual ready to accuse), against Hezbollah, of trying to remove the Resistance from Lebanon, and winding up the Lebanese People against it.

Hezbollah fell to its own trap. Most of those worked, conspired, and helped the Enemy, are Hezbollah's Members, with different high ranks in its Command. By discovering those Cells working with cooperation with Israel, and in the Main StrongHold of Hezbollah, will show two, clear views. 

Firstly, if Hezbollah was, as we know, for a quarter of a Century, holding the area of South Lebanon, with strict and Iron Fist, by its sophisticated Skills, Equipments, Technology, and Ocean of money, could not expose those Cells for over two decades, why Hezbollah kept accusing the Majority of the Lebanese, of working against it, and specially, in war July 2006.

Secondly, we did not hear the Majority, retaliated with counter attacks after those Cells were exposed, and found most of them Hezbollah created Members. May be, because the Majority do care for the Safety and Protection of the Resistance, more than Hezbollah, cares for the Safety and Protection of Lebanon, from Hezbollah Masters in Syria and Iran.

Is Hezbollah going to apologize to those accused of collaborating, with the Americans and Israel, and to the Lebanese People in general. Certainly would not apologize, because its presence with its Alliance depends on those lies and created false information to keep them in control of the deceit part of the Lebanese People. 

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