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Friday, 15 May 2009

Step of the President's Courage

By using his Absolute Rights to put the Cabinet's proposed decisions to vote, is a Normal step of the President Sulaiman, though was not agreed by the Opposition who had a lot of time, and the President's Patience was exhausted, waiting for them to compromise, and help in pushing the wheels to put the Country on the right tracks, in Politics, Economy, and reforms of Judicial System.

Recently, we could read the attacks on the President, who is trying to Rule this Country by the Constitution's terms and conditions. But the so called Opposition is making Maximum obstacles to keep the Country confined in their own Management of destruction, and keep our Free People under the Fundamentals Hammer of Dictatorship.

The procedures that, The president applied, in the Cabinet should continue, and use his Rights in forcing the Constitution's terms into light whenever it is necessary.

The Lebanese People, are backing their President, who proved in a very short period of his presence, that Lebanon can be ruled by Determined Men like Mr Sulaiman. 

The Lebanese People should never allow such representatives, like those of the Cabinet so called Oppositions, reach, the Parliament, in the coming General Election, who put the Obstacles on the Country development tracks. We should do better in this Election than of 2005.

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