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Sunday, 3 May 2009

It is planned...

Hezbollah, and the Pro-Syrian Regime, are taking advantages of the release of the Four Officers, who were detained for almost four years that, suspected have a connection to the Assassination of Mr AlHariri (PM), and many of Lebanese Citizens.

Hezbollah who strongly objected the Foundation of the International Investigations Community, which is now International Crime Court, and insisted that, Investigation to be under the Authority of Lebanese Judicial System. We see Hezbollah is attacking the System they were supporting, and calling the Judges as criminals, by keeping those Officers that long in prison.

Syria as well, by its President, says they cannot wait to see the Decisions of this court, after it has done the right thing by releasing the Offices.
From this introduction, we wanted to show the contradictions of those Pro-Syrians, and using anything at all, to divert the flowing of Justice, one day against the International Court, the other day, with this International Court without changes, once it serves their way of destroying our Country, and taking over the State.

Mr Ayatollah Nusrallah, says, though the Court released the Officers, the judges in Lebanon should be held accountable to the detention of the Officers that long, and he does not believe in this court and its decisions, a step ahead, if these Officers are to be called later on, or any of Hezbollah's members is called by the Investigators, he would not respond.

Hezbollah and he Syrian Regime kept calling this Court as, it was working on Political Basis to detain the Syrian Regime, but, after first decision this Court took, the Syrian cannot wait to hear the coming decisions, what a lightening change. It means that the Syrians will accept this Court's future decisions, but Ayatollah Nusrullah will not. Is there any split of views between the Syrian Regime and Hezbollah and the other Outlaws on Lebanese Soil, or the Syrian's Regime throwing the responsibility of those crimes that took place before on Hezbollah.

If Hezbollah, would not rest until take over the Country, and possible by force, it should know, that if Hezbollah has tigers in Syrian and Iranian Skins, there are thousands of Tigers but, in True Lebanese Skins.

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