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Friday, 3 July 2009

Will Hariri Quit...........

In July 09, we wrote the following, and we think time is repeating itself, and we found this Article is useful to be published again:

The victory of the 14 March Forces, was by the Absolute Majority of the Lebanese People, and their support for the Independent, free and Democratic Lebanon, with strong Army, to protect Sovereignty of Lebanon, and cut off the Interferences of The Syrian Regime in our Political and Economic Affairs.

Those saying that The Syrian Regime did not interfere in our Lebanese Elections on 7 June are wrong, and trying to undermine the Lebanese Majority's Dignity. The Syrian Regime put all what it can to support the 8 March Forces, and they lost that Election.

Now, that Regime who lost the Election in Lebanon, trying to dictate its terms to allow the formation of New Cabinet in Lebanon by Hariri the Head of the Majority, taking advantages of Mr Hariri Views to reunite the People of Lebanon into one Goal, Strong Lebanese State, otherwise, that Regime would cause troubles by its Alliance in the Country who are devoted to serve their Masters in Damascus.
If Mr hariri would back off, of the Agenda that, the Majority won the Election by the Majority of the Lebanese People, then we ask him to quit, and bring back to Power The Statesman Mr Saniorah who proved how to face the Obstacles that The Syrian Regime puts by its Trouble Makers in Lebanon, to our Democratic System, which is trying to get rid of the Octopus.

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