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Sunday, 27 December 2009


It is less than few weeks since, the party of GOD Hezbollah, allowed the Official Security Forces to enter the Enclave of South of Beirut's Suburb. The reason that made Hezbollah to take that stance is known to the Lebanese, that corruption in the Area was clear.

According of news resources, the Explosion that tear off the car in the Dahia yesterday, was meant to assassinate the Leader of Hamas Hamdan and not against any of Hezbollah's. The Steel barrier that Hezbollah members struck around the area of Explosion and prevent any one to come closer, and the Lebanese Security FORCES included as well, while these Forces suppose to take over the Investigations of that Incident, was not allowed to come closer to the area.

This will confirm the fact that Hezbollah is using the Government Forces as a Scarecrow, for those causing troubles by trafficking drugs and stealing in the Area, and as Traffic Police and the Authority of these Forces stops there.

This confirms the FACT that Hezbollah can cancel any DECISION had been taken and takeover again, its Authority overtaking the Government Procedures to hold on the Dahia or anywhere else in the Areas that controlled by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

This Incident is the First TEST that, prooved that Hezbollah has its own State within The Lebanese State, and the Authority was Given to the Lebanese Security Forces in the Area is an Illusion, actually it is a LIE, that Majority of the Lebanese will not believe.

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