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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Is Lebanon to be dragged to war

No doubt that those attacks on Gaza by the Israelis are barbaric and against Humanity. The results of this war against Hamas will change a lot of things on the ground.
This hit will trim the wings of flying high Syrian regime, and Hamas out of its agenda, in negotiating with Israel which will be direct very soon.
There are too many Heads in Palestinian Leadership and the Israelis and Americans need only one, to have fruitful negotiation to establish two adjacent States living in peace.
Because of the General election in Israel the present ruler party wants to prove that can finish hamas hostilities once and for good, while its leaders were accused of disappointments in the war against Hezbollah in July 2006 in Lebanon, and the Israelis want to cut that arm of Iran that had been stretched to the South of Israel as the other arm at the North.

On the other hand, Hamas knew very well the bad intentions of the Israelis and kept its policy of sending useless effects of its rockets to Israel, which caused a reverse disaster on the civilians and its Leadership. May be Hamas needed to drag Israel for this war, because it was tightly surrounded by Israel and there is no way out of it unless drag the Arabs and the world countries to immediate attention to break the barriers that Israel posted around Gaza Strip.

The Syrian Regime as usual wants to blame the peaceful Arabs that they helping Israel to cause collective death to the Gaza people by blocking Rafah exit.
We know that Hamas Headquarters in Syria, and the Syrians and Israelis are in middle of negotiations, and the Syrians admitted that they are in an advanced stages, so there must be a Go ahead by the Syrians to the Israelis to attack Hamas in Gaza, to make this negotiation softer.
In case this war on Hamas is against the Syrian Regime policy in the peace negotiations with Israel, then Syria has Hezbollah in Lebanon and will cause pressure on Israel from the North to soften these negotiations as well.

Hezbollah claimed few days ago that its weapons are to liberate Jerusalem and Palestine, and not only Lebanese Land, and Hamas its alliance, is Hezbollah going to engage with Israel to put pressure off Hamas. May be Hezbollah Lebanese Leadership will think twice before doing this, because the results of July 2006 war, but if the Regime in Syria has different views Hezbollah will drag Lebanon to war, and it will not disobey its Masters in Syria and Iran.

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