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Monday, 19 January 2009

Insects Noises in Beirut Streets...

There is no doubt that those rammed Beirut Streets under the Cover of Protesting against the Israeli Raid on Hamas in Gaza, was a scenario, that the Devils Regime in Damascus was in place prior to the failed meeting in Doha, where Assad called the Arabs Initiative Peace Plan in Beirut was DEAD. Those made all the Insect Noises in the Streets of Beirut had the orders to scream and shout against Our Lebanese President, to put pressure on him to join the Trouble Makers that meeting in Doha, against the pro-Peace Arabs who were trying to stop the Massacre against the Palestinians in Gaza.
But those noisy insects and their poison feedings from Damascus, never expected, that Our President would defied that call, and asserted that the Arabs Initiative Peace Plan took place in Beirut, should stay in force, and ignored what Assad called that was Dead.
Assad Representative was there, when The Arabs took the Collective Decision of that plan, and Syria signed for it along with the other Arab Countries, and in the same time the Devils regime was negotiating with Israel alone under the Table, and over the Table, indirectly, and directly and secret. But because Turkey has to stop the Indirect ( Actually DIRECT) Dialogue between Syria and Israel, which forced Syria to call it off as well. War on Hamas is to trim the Syrian Wing and stop them flying high, which angered Syria and played its old games on putting pressure on Lebanon and its President by let those insects loose in the Streets of Beirut, and those do not care a damn about the killing in Gaza by Israel.

What they have done in Doha was just Talking............

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