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Friday, 2 January 2009

Arabs and Palestinian Cause.

Since the beginning of the Israelis and Palestinian conflict, the Arabs put their hands on this issue, apparently to help the Palestinians to retain their legitimate rights in their Land in Palestine. That when the wars started, and there was a United Nations Security Resolution to divide the Lands between Israelis and Palestinians, but the Arab leaders by that time refused that Resolution and they wanted to gain back the whole land of Palestine by fighting the Zionist Intruder. Since then there were few wars between the Arab Neighbour Countries and so called Occupiers of Palestine, some of these wars were real disappointment to the Palestinian cause, because the lack of unity, on the war plans level, and the relations and ties of some of Arab Countries and the West countries that were occupying the Area, and they favoured the Intruders, played a significant reason to be defeated in those wars.

The second stage of this conflict, the Arab Countries put their fingers and noses in the Palestinian affairs to an extant that the Palestinian lost in the middle. Lebanon government by that time gave them the Go Ahead and fight from Lebanon, but they misused this valuable chance and instead worked for the interest of our neighbour Syria and tried to change the face of Democratic Lebanon, and they forgot about their Enemy in the South, which gave the unique Chance to the Syrian to occupy Lebanon, and the Palestinian was kicked out of the Lebanon by the Syrian in the North, and Israelis in Beirut, those were called the Palestinian arm forces. Since then, the Palestinian issue was the main trouble between the Arabs themselves and not with Israel.The Palestinian Factions were formed by those Arab Regimes. The Palestinians were divided, the Arabs are divided actually shredded, and that, what brought us to this critical situations as, Lebanon was destroyed by Iranian Hezbollah wars, Gaza Strip was shattered for many times paid high price for this conflict as it happened now, and that because the Palestinians are following some Arab Regimes that never had been a good help for their Cause, but destruction to their Unity.

Yesterday, one of the Palestinian Official Abu El Ainain in Lebanon, called on the Arabs to stop interfering in the Palestinian affairs and let them decide what it is really help themselves out of this devastating situation, and it is the first time ever we heard something like that, which it should had happened years ago. No Palestinians are interfering in any Arab countries Affairs, after the experience they had in Lebanon in the Seventies. Actually, the Palestinian should only consult and take advice from the Arab countries who really are concerned for the Palestinians, and they decide whether to take that advice or not according to their interests. We should hear more voices in the Palestinian Media calling on Arabs to stop shattering the Palestinian Cause

Arabs hands off the Palestinian affairs and let them do what really is a good benefit for their Cause.

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