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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Kwait Summit The First Step....

As we always believed that Saoudi Arabia, initiates almost anything to bury the Arabs Differences and looks to unify their goals at least to look as one front facing a vicious enemy who can destroy anything Humans and Properties to keep the Arabs shredded.

Kuwait Summit put all the Arabs on the right track to tackle their problems, financially and almost politically, that if some of them, learned not to allow intruders into the Arabs Affairs, and Iran in specific. Egypt the Mother of Arabs, tackled the Palestinian Problem, Saoudi Arabia and kuwait tackled the Arabs Problem.
Doha Summit split the Arabs and Kuwait Summit unified them, and it is not like of the Night Bats in Lebanon, called it Arab League and Hebrew league, those kind of people who lives on bits and pieces of the trouble makers food tables.

Most of our problems in Lebanon are as results of the Syrian Regime behaviours, and of its Isolation from Arab World. Now as an Initiative from King Abdullah of Saoudia, all these differences were buried in Kuwait, and the Syrian Regime got a Vitamin Injection, hopefully it joins the Arabs efforts to sort out the Palestinian problems between Ramallah and those of Hamas taken Damascus as a hideout.

On the other hand, Saoudia is looking after Lebanon financially to help it out of its destruction caused by July 2006 war, that Hezbollah, Syria and Iran brought to Lebanon. Is The Syrian Regime going to change its behaviours in Lebanon and clear those trouble makers off the Streets of Beirut, and the Outlaws who working out side the Palestinian Camps, after this meeting in Kuwait.

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