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Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Illusions of Victory after Victory.......

The Sacked Prime Minster or the Palestinian Rebel Leader Ismail Haniah, came up with the Declaration of National and International Victory against Israel. Which is not the first time we hear and see such Victories, there was one before, declared by Hezbollah in Lebanon 2006.

First, I highly value the ability of good fighters while doing their jobs, specially in some difficult circumstances, like in South of Lebanon, and in Gaza too. But we cannot be so naive and except the exaggeration of what those Leaders trying to gain from these Fighters Reputations, because it gives a reverse results for what those fighters really done in a fight.

In Lebanon July 2006, Resistance Fighters done brilliant jobs and made the Enemy's Missions very difficult ones, and there was no hiding behind people, because most of the Lebanese people in the South of Lebanon moved and hosted by other Lebanese in far areas of the fighting, and that was the reason that Hezbollah, lost many very good fighters, and despite of the ability that the fighters proved Hezbollah had been driven away to the North of Litani river.

In Gaza, no doubt that there were brave fighters as well, in certain cases, but the situation was quite different, there was no Exit of the civilians out of Gaza as it happened in South Lebanon, and they got caught in the middle of fire, and that was the reason of high casualties among them and less casualties, among Hamas and other groups fighting, who were naturally protected by civilians, other wise, if there was a way that the Gazans could move away from the fight area, certainly Israel could occupy Gaza Strip in less time and that is Bare Fact, and would not see Haniah declares any Illusion Victory

The only thing that could be achieved in war on Gaza that, The Gaza peoples won the Sympathy of the whole world and that was good enough to detain Israel.

In 1982, Israel lost three or four times number of casualties in the Mountains of Lebanon, and forced the Israeli Army to withdraw without conditions, than in Gaza, and Leaders there, did not celebrate of any victory like Hamas trying to sell to the Gazans. Hamas tried to Copycat Hezbollah but in the wrong place.

Hamas, to keep its legitimate presence, should catch up with the efforts that are taking place in Egypt and have a Unify Government with West Bank, and face the Americans and the Israelis for Peaceful Agreement on the Basis of the Arab Peace plan, that took place in Beirut 2002.

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