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Friday, 23 January 2009

The Law...

The Law should be above every one, in a Democratic Country like Lebanon, though some of them call it Agreed Democracy among several political kinds. Politics is quite different from the Law. The Law controls, politics, finance, people and anything under the umbrella of the country.

The latest Committee proposals, that hold the president, the cabinet members and the parliament members, responsible for their actions, put them in a way that, they are abnormal people, and they should have a special law to hold them responsible for their behaviours in certain cases, and should be tried in special courts. In a Democratic Country, these Officials from the top to the bottom should be under the same Law that applies on the Ordinary People. We suppose to have a Judiciary System that has the power and Free to reach anywhere and to any person in the country, to bring to Justice whenever it finds something has gone wrong and it is not in the Interest of the people, like other civilized countries

To normal people like me, understand that Lebanon has a Constitution that applies, but this Constitution is not the Words of God, it was formed by normal people in different circumstances, and should be tailored by the Law to maximum size that will protect people and the country from those who try to play on our National Interest and Security.

This Committee instead of coming up with proposals to protect the officials from the Law, they should come up with Proposals to clean up the Judicial System in Lebanon, to make this System 100% Independent, and has the Hand that reaches to anyone in the Country with no Exception to protect the People of Lebanon.

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