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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Arabs Meeting in Douha

So many meetings and Summits the Arabs had done in the past, for every time Israel attacks one of the Arab countries, and they never reached a logical solution to prevent the aggressive Israel from going to what it was planning for the Palestinians and the Lebanese in specific.

The only Summit that put the Arabs on the right track was, the Solution for the Palestinian Issue was the Summit in Beirut few years ago. Though there was a collective agreement among those attended that Summit, and Israel lately considered it as possible to to put an end to the hostilities in the region, and that will stop all the so called terrorist attacks in the Arab countries as well. But some of the Palestinian Factions like Hamas and Hezbollah the Iranian sided themselves, and brought the Arabs to a difficult situations, which need to sort their problems out between each others and not against Israel, like Egypt has been blamed for the Gaza Tragidy by Hezbollah.
Syria agreed in the Beirut Summit to work with Arab countries, and found out that Syria was working with concealled negotiations with Israel.
Hezbollah as well, that working under the wings of the Syrian regime had completely moved to the Iranian Grid trying to domain on the Lebanese government and stops it to take the suitable stances to solidiate the past Resolutions had been taken by the United Nation Security Council, that Israel should withdraw to the International Borders with Lebanon, and end the war between the two countries.
The Arab Foreign Ministers Meeting today, is more important and fruitful on this stage, more than the proposed Arabs Summit in Doha. The Foreign Ministers could have each of them a role to play with the world countries to put pressure on Israel to stop the attacks on Gaza, to give the Arab Leaders chance to pursue the Palestinian groups to have a minimum agreement to work together as it worked in Lebanon, and go to face the situation with Israel.
Will the Palestinians do that, it is their decision, to be or not to be.

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