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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Real President of Lebanon

It is the brilliant top stand of efforts that Our President Micheal Suleiman is taking regarding the devastating situation in Gaza Strip, and the war against one and half millions of Palestinians. He is the one with Egypt doing most to push a way through to stop the Massacre in Gaza. On other hand there are solid efforts to avoid Lebanon another war within two years time. The question is, will Hezbollah keep its word not to start something stupid to drag Lebanon to war. At short sight it is, but if Israel pushed further and has a ground assault in Gaza, and Hezbollah made sure that Hamas is about to be out of this equation, does it stay away without Ayatollah Nasrallah helping Muslim Brothers anywhere in the world and specifically in Gaza, as he declared few days ago when Nasrallah addressed thousands of people gathered in South Suburb of Beirut the stronghold of Hezbollah.

If Israel gave peace a chance and stopped the ground assault on Gaza, the Group would claim God's Victory as Hezbollah did in Lebanon July 2006. Its an illusion that Israel would give them the pleasure twice, because a simple person would guess that this is the End of Mighty Israel who stands in the middle of black heaven of long range missiles in Syria, with Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iran with nuclear bomb and last, with long range rockets in Gaza Strip, and that no one with brains will think of a second that Israel will live with that, and if we ignore this fact, then we are bunch of idiots, and we will never have Palestine or occupied Arab territories back.
It is the time now, to put all our efforts to agree for the minimum stand between each others and start the Real Peace process with Israel, and we do not need, the Turkish or French or the Americans to mediate between Arabs and Israel.

Make the most courageous stance in History. Arabs are stronger in Peace than in War.

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