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Monday, 29 December 2008

Will Ayatullah Nusrallah surprise Israel....

While the barbaric attack on Gaza continues for the third day, those who have good ties with Syria and Iran carrying verbal attacks on the peaceful Arab Regimes like Egypt and Saudia, and these two countries helped the most of of it, the Palestinians and the Lebanese during their devastating times caused by the wars Israel carried out within the last half century. Hezbollah accusing Egypt of collaborating with Israel to wipe out Hamas and its allies in Gaza, and asking the people of Egypt for up rise against the government. Egypt started paying high price in wars against Israel for more than sixty years, and that forty years before Hezbollah was existed. Hezbollah and Iran were blowing in Hamas faction and giving money and arms for the last three years to take over Gaza and kick out the rest of the Palestinian factions. They did not learn the lesson of what happened to Lebanon in July 2006, when Hezbollah started the war on Israel, and admitted by that time that if Ayatollah Nusrallah new the barbaric reaction of Israel he would not started it, and that what Hamas leaders would say after the disaster takes place in Gaza.
The Syrian strongly condemned the Israelis attacks and declared that they will stop the Indirect Dialogues with Israel immediately, to support the Palestinians in Gaza. But the Regime in Syria was negotiating with Israel while the Israelis jet fighters pounding every inch in South Suburb of Beirut where the stronghold of Hezbollah and the Hideout of Ayatollah Nusrallah. By then The Regime claimed victory on Israel, and it will claim another one, when Gaza of Hamas is wiped out. Nusrallah would be happy of the this support to Palestinians but he was not happy with the support of Egypt and Saudia gave to the Palestinian for sixty years.
Because Hezbollah and Ayatollah Nusrallah describing those Arab countries who are against the Iranian policy in the region as collaborators with Israel to wipe out Hamas in Gaza, will Nurallah surprise Israel with barrage of long range missiles as Israel surprised Hamas, and drag Lebanon to another devastating situation. But this time we will not believe him repeating " If I knew the Israelis hard reaction I would not have started this war again".

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